Breakout Session Seminars

Here’s a sample of the breakout sessions that will be offered at Awaken 2019


Breakout 1 – 11:00am

  • Brett Ullman - Hope for The Walking Wounded. Life is good … until its not. Dark clouds come in all shapes and sizes and leave us asking where do we turn? Some of us struggle with mental health: anxiety, depression etc. Some of our struggles come from coping with tough situations in life by Self Injuring: eating disorders, suicide, self harm and drug and alcohol use. We will begin to address how to walk back towards healing and away from our emotions, feelings and thoughts and that are keeping us paralyzed in life. No shame, fear, or hiding is required as we are safe to journey towards healing together.

  •  Mike Gordon - Reaching Through the Screen.  Social media has completely changed the world in every way, shape and form. There are a million great things that come with it, but it also comes with some broken pieces. Depression, bullying, fear of missing out, unrealistic expectations, self-esteem rollercoasters and more. Once we understand this side of social media, we might also understand that we have a unique opportunity to reach through the screen and show love, and grace to others in this world.

  •  Keri Cardinale - Gender Identity Crisis: Hope in the Midst of Chaos. We all want to be someone special, to stand out, make waves, and feel important. We have desires to change the world and we want to do it in our own unique way. But as individualism and self-expression clash with a new gender revolution, we are surrounded by mass confusion and chaos. Many are pressured and sometimes bullied into choosing a label that may not be true to their nature. Labels like trans, gender-fluid, nonbinary, a-gender and many others that are overpowering our culture. Together we’ll explore sexual orientation labels, the pressure of having to pick one, and the dangers that come with it. We will have a special time of questions and answers to dive deeper into the heart of this issue and to be encouraged to discover our true identities through real-life stories. 

  •  Eric Samuel Timm - Tell someone about Learn how to share your faith to your friends and wrestle with the questions, can I be a ________ and be a Christian.

  •  Julie Palmer - How to raise kids in a world affected by human trafficking - Leaders. Meaningful conversations with youth can be the first step to prevention. Overwhelmingly youth affected by human trafficking report not feeling of value and are desperate for attention. Nationwide there has been an increase in youth impacted by this issue. It is happening all around us and is affecting youth of all ages. Discover the red flags and the way people use social media to lure youth into sex and labor trafficking. Being more educated and better identifying the issue allows you to have an impact and be an advocate in the lives of youth. You can help keep our youth safe!

Breakout 2 – 2:00pm

  • Jennifer Hopper - The Girl That Didn’t Fit In - Girls Only. How man times have you looked in the mirror and wished you were someone else? Do you scroll through social media wishing you were living someone else’s life? And then there’s those dark feelings that say you’re not good enough and you never will be until you #fillintheblank. Come be inspired by the true story of a teenage girl who decided to rise above the expectations of her culture, risk her reputation, and honor God before a national leader. 

  • Trevor Kaufmann - The Power of Accountability - Guys Only. Ever wonder how it’s possible to fight against the temptation and pressures of the culture we live in today?   We will discuss together how humility, accountability and honesty will be your greatest weapons against cultural temptation.

  • Brett Ullman - Parenting: Navigating Everything – Leaders. Lead Wisely. Model Vulnerably. Shape Faithfully. As youth leaders, we are not only are ministering to kids, we are also partnering with parents. This session will aid in equipping you and give you tools/resources for working with parents.

Breakout 3 – 3:00pm

  • Brett Ullman - is an unapologetic, straight-forward talk on the nature of sex in this era of modern media. Addressing such issues as STDs, pregnancy, porn, sexting, singleness and grace, Brett Ullman tackles the often awkward and uncomfortable topic of sex in a direct, Biblical fashion linking current topics and trends with Biblical examples and principles. Our media saturated culture consistently floods our minds with inaccurate, often twisted truths about the true nature of sex. As fellow journeyers, let's ask the tough questions together as we look to connect our ancient faith with our modern world.

  • Christopher Hopper - Being Like Jesus When No One Else Is. Have you ever felt conflicted between your love for Jesus and the stuff you see on Snapchat? Does ‘being like Jesus’ feel like a losing battle in the midst of peer pressure at school? Does it seem like serving God is just too difficult because of all the horrible things that have happened to you? You’re not alone. Come hear the true story of a teenager who dares to serve a ruthless national dictator. Not only does the teen discover the secrets of standing firm in his faith but how to be relevant to the people around him.

  • Julie Palmer - Human Trafficking- What is it and how does it affect us? Exploitation is not a far off issue that only affects children in other countries. It is happening all around us and in hidden ways that you may not realize. Discover how to better understand the issue and how it can impact your life or those around you. Learning about human trafficking will help you identify things that could put you at risk including social media. All of us are at higher risk than we may realize and knowing how to recognize it gives you opportunity to help someone.

  • Reggie Dabbs - WHAT YOU KNOW?

  • Mike Gordon- This Generation – Leaders. The challenge with this Generation is not that they are leaving the church. The challenge with this generation is that they aren't stepping into the church. How did we get to this point? This workshop is going to look at what makes this young generation unique so we can better understand how to reach them.